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Terms and Conditions

Our dedication to delivering results is matched only by our responsibility to our clients' well-being.

As such, there are systems in place to ensure that at Little Miss Cosmetic we get it right first time.

All work undertaken is subject to a collaborative 'Best Practice' process involving a detailed pre- and post-treatment consultation and, where appropriate, a subsequent reassessment of work carried out. All treatments, and the methods used to administer them, are performed based on these discussions and expressly to achieve those results mutually agreed to be attainable (age restrictions may apply here). Keenly aware of the personal nature of your commitment to us, we only use products and techniques that best suit you, the individual.

Refund or Re-Treatment

Any concerns Clients may have regarding their treatment MUST be reported to Little Miss Cosmetic within six weeks* of the original procedure date. Little Miss Cosmetic reserve the right to personally re-assess each case, as well as that to establish the Client has followed the recommended post-procedure instructions in accordance with those written and issued at the time.

Clients that have received a Little Miss Cosmetic treatment at an external or Show venue, may be re-assessed at any Little Miss Cosmetic site or at an out-sourced location designated and endorsed by Little Miss Cosmetic.

*Sculptra™ is excluded from this guarantee, as the effects of treatment may exceed a six week period.

If it is agreed a complimentary Re-Treatment is applicable to any case, Little Miss Cosmetic will simply repeat the procedure originally administered. Treatments are not retrospectively exchangeable and any additional procedures will be chargeable at a separate, additional cost.

Any Refund payable will cover the cost of the client's treatment only. It will not include ANY extra expenses.