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Anti Ageing Beauty Tips

Tips For Anti Ageing - Beauty Services at Little Miss Cosmetics Aesthetics Clinic in Swansea

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Do you want healthy, younger looking skin? At Little Miss Cosmetics Botox Clinic in Swansea we offer various treatments that help keep skin looking fresher and younger. Whether you want to reduce fine lines & wrinkles, or improve the look of dull and tired skin, our Botox experts in Swansea have great tips for a beautiful youthful glow. If you are looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, firm sagging skin or obtain a brighter, clearer skin, please give us a call on 0800 195 6647 to book an appointment.

Our professional beauty therapists at our Swansea beauty clinic aim to make you look younger and well rested while maintaining a natural appearance. If you’d like some advice on the best treatments for you, please give us a call on 0800 195 6647 and we’d be happy to help. In the meantime continue reading for some top tips on how to keep skin looking young and healthy.

Anti Ageing Wrinkle Injections at Top Botox Clinic in Swansea

The intense heat during the summer months often leave our skin feeling and looking dry. Smile lines and frown lines can become more apparent during these months and generally as we age, which can affect the confidence many women have with their looks.

The treatments at Little Miss Cosmetics, can help knock those years off your smile and boost your confidence. We rate ourselves as one of the best botox clinics in Swansea by providing top quality non-surgical wrinkle treatments that help reduce the appearance of smile lines and frown lines.

Also referred to as Neurotoxin protein botulinum, Botox® is one of the best known and popular non-surgical treatments for treating lines and wrinkles caused by smiling, laughing and frowning.

The treatment consists of a series of tiny injections which temporarily prevent the facial muscle contractions that cause lines and wrinkles.  The results are visible within three to ten days and usually last between three and six months.

Anti-Ageing Tips to Get Fuller Lips

dermal fillers swansea

As we age our lips naturally get thinner, but during the summer months the strong summer heat can make our lips look and feel less plump. Fuller lips are a signifier of youth and if you are after natural looking fuller lips, then lip fillers is the treatment for you.

We offer the best lip filler treatment in Swansea and our mission is to provide our clients with an expert lip enhancement service that is tailored to suit their overall lip and face shape. You will leave with natural looking pouty lips, avoiding the generic over inflated ‘trout pout’.

Together we will discuss your concerns, we can analyse your lips and face shape and talk through the options and treatments available that best suit you.

Book Your Anti-Ageing Treatment at Little Miss Cosmetics Beauty & Aesthetics Clinic in Swansea

Our aesthetics treatments are carried out by our fully qualified beauty therapists, who have extensive experience in non-surgical cosmetic surgery.

Contact us for an in-depth consultation on 0800 195 6647.  We can then discuss the look you are after and explain the process, price and what can realistically be achieved to improve your looks. Alternatively, click here to book a free consultation for botox treatment, or anti wrinkle treatment in Swansea.